What is formatting and why do I need it?

Text formatting refers to the attributes of the text. For example, bold, italic, underline, color, and size are all formatting attributes. Machine translations such as DeepL do not retain the formatting of the text, so text features such as underlining, indentations, spacing and (for digital documents) hyperlinks are lost.



What is correction and why do I need it?

Correcting or proofreading is an editorial process to identify and correct sentence structure, spelling and vocabulary errors. Proofreaders have a basic goal: to ensure that a text is completely error-free in terms of punctuation and vocabulary. Machine translation can contain errors because it is simply based on mathematical probabilities. The risk, however, is that it will incorrectly translate certain expressions (e.g. the German “Unter Vier Augen” as "under four eyes"). For this you need a proofreader.



What is revision and why do I need it?

Revision is about clarity: Will the message of the text be obvious and comprehensible for the target group? Do all parts of the work seem to flow together into a logical whole? Is what I want to communicate expressed adequately? Does the tone and style of the work fit the content? Revision does not only correct spelling mistakes but also inquires as to the intended meaning of the text. Machine translation is not able to edit a text at this level. This requires a revisor or editor.



How do I pay?

After you upload your text in the order form, the amount will be displayed. You then click on "Submit" to complete the order. You will receive the invoice by e-mail. You pay either 10 EUR for DeepL formatting or a word price for DeepL correction (0,02 €) or revision (0,04 €). We charge a 15% handling fee. Not satisfied with the result? Do you have any questions? Simply contact us: creid@skribling.com, Tel.: 015772714903.